Best home pressure washer 2021

Why buying a pressure washer?

It’s simple: to have less work in some tasks 😉

A pressure washer or karcher (as we call it although it is really the name of one of the main brands) is a device that expels a jet of pressurized water that makes it easy to clean many surfaces, from walls to bicycles, cars, etc.

The time saving and the quality of the cleaning finish make it a perfect tool for many household jobs.

What to consider before buying one for our home?

Mainly, we have to consider the use that it is going to have. For example, if we need to clean the mold of some tiles, a low power one will be enough; if we use an industrial one, we will end up accidentally removing them and so the cure will be worse than the disease.

Weight and volume are also interesting issues; if we mainly use it to clean terraces and move it through the house, the lighter and more manageable the better. In contrast, the lighter and smaller ones do not normally incorporate a detergent tank, and so their performance makes them mainly useful for small jobs.

It is also important to decide what brand we want in relation to the availability of accessories for each task and to the technical service and spare parts if necessary.

The accessories that each one incorporate -in the initial pack or as an option- is also a subject to be considered according to the use we want to give it.

And of course, let’s not forget about the price 😉 In this comparison we will choose the products at the bottom of the range, leaving higher level ones for the comparisons of each brand.

Which is the best one?

As always: what for? Here we are a list of the most common ones with their pros and cons so that each user can choose the one that best fits their needs.

Greenworks GPW1501

The queen of the small ones, and “my first pressure washer” in many cases. Ideal for its manageability and the little space it occupies, and perfect for small jobs in which the low weight on performance takes precedence.

This Greenworks fits in any corner of the house, and will help us when it comes to cleaning areas that are not excessively dirty or excessively large. Compared to other products, even of the same brand, it does not stand out for its robustness, and is not suitable for intense work.

Having no wheels or hose holder is uncomfortable when doing certain works. Besides, having only two nozzles limits us in some tasks.

  • Adjusted Price
  • Size and weight

  • Feeling of low robustness
  • Not suitable for intense work

Sun Joe SPX3000

The queen of pressure washers in its range. A very tight price-quality ratio makes it a great product that does not disappoint. Good performance and complete kit, although it uses a non-standard connection system in the pressure hose that forces us to use those provided by the brand.

The hoses and cable supports are well resolved. The power cord has a correct length, but the pressure hose is short for jobs such as cleaning the car, which forces the machine to move. The soap tank is very integrated.

It is also a bit strange that the hose connection is in the front of the machine and the pressure one in the rear, whereas it would be more logical the other way round for an easier use.
We must highlight the quality perceived on the whole, and the two years manufacturer warranty.

  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Good soap system
  • Two year warranty
  • Hose length
  • Hose connection system


Powerhouse International 3000

We are in front of a very complete machine when talking about accessories, with a comfortable hose folding system. Perfect for all types of jobs at home, without reaching professional levels.

Its pressure makes work with intense dirt comfortable, and its set of nozzles allows us to find the most suitable for each situation.

The length of the hose and the cable are also appreciated. On the contrary, its wheel system is quite uncomfortable if you do not move it on a perfectly flat surface. It is not a well resolved issue.

Although some of the plastic parts do not seem especially resistant, they do not usually give problems, and the technical service responds quite well if necessary.

  • Good accessory kit
  • Powerful
  • Uncomfortable wheel system
  • Some fragile plastic components


Kärcher K5 Full Control

A beautiful design and an important leap in the ranks, both in terms of performance and price.

This pressure washer has more in common with professional ones than with those dedicated only to the home. It allows intensive use and gives a solid feeling.

The price here is already an important matter, being its average buyer a demanding user who has previously had other models, and who makes use of it very often and for long periods of time. All in all, the fact that this model and its superior sister almost double the previous ones in price is justified.

  • Power
  • Water-cooled engine
  • Price
  • Weight


Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot

This machine is in a different range, although it is included in this comparison due to its impressive price. We are in front of the only one of the machines we are comparing that runs on gasoline, with gives it operating independence for all types of jobs. In addition, this type of machine always gives a feeling of greater power compared to the electric ones, although they have a similar power in theory.

Its Honda engine is reliable but, being a combustion machine, it will vibrate more than an electric one. This vibration is partly damped by the magnificent wheel system, which will allow us to move it through any type of terrain in spite of not being precisely as light as a feather.

This machine asks for a longer hose, because we will do all kinds of work due to its qualities.

  • Gasoline operation at an incredible price
  • Wheel system
  • Slightly short hose
  • Without detergent tank as standard


Pressure washers comparison chart


Greenworks GPW1501
15001,216.65 lbs.20 ft.See on Amazon

Sun Joe SPX3000
20301,7631 lbs.20 ft.See on Amazon

Powerhouse International
30002,232 lbs.30 ft.See on Amazon

Kärcher K5 Full Control
20001,439.9 lbs.25 ft.See on Amazon

Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot
31002,455 lbs.25 ft.See on Amazon
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