Best bread machines 2021

Enjoy the best homemade, fresh bread, exactly the way you like it. You get home from work and the first thing you perceive is that delicious aroma of freshly baked bread … Tempting, right?
Read on and explore the infinite possibilities that a bread making machine has to offer.

What is it used for?

Basically, to make a delicious homemade bread according to your preferences (whole grain, with nuts, French bread, sandwich bread, white bread, with different types of flour, gluten free …). Bread to your taste, without preservatives or food colorings, and 100% natural.

Only for making bread?

Of course not! With your bread making machine you can also make baguettes, various kinds of dough, desserts and even jam (depending on the model). It is important to buy it bearing in mind the use you want to give it. Do not worry, we will solve all your doubts in the buying guide section.

What capacity does it have?

In general, most of them have a capacity of 1 lb-2.5lbs, but some of them can even make a 3 lbs loaf.
For singles or couples, a 1 lb loaf is enough; for small families of 2-4 people, the adequate capacity is 1.5 or 2 lbs, whereas a 2.5-3 lbs loaf is perfect for 4-6 people.
This has to be taken into account, since its capacity needs to be adequate to your family size.

Is it easy to use?

Absolutely. They all have different programs (from 10 to more than 30), they knead, mix, ferment, bake … and all in a simple way and without major complications. You just have to put the ingredients in the bucket and forget about it. The bread making machine will do the work for you.
The process of making bread can be a bit long (it can last a few hours); that is why some have a programmer and even the option of keeping it warm so that your bread arrives perfectly at the table.

Can I use it if I’m celiac?

Of course! A bread making machine is one of the star elements in the kitchen of any celiac. We know that, as for gluten-free bread that is usually sold (especially packaged one), there is room for improvement. With your machine, and in a simple way, you can have your fresh bread, to your taste and being sure that it does not have traces of gluten or cross-contamination. If this is your case, you will be especially interested in having a model with a specific program to make gluten-free bread.

On the other hand, most bread baking machines carry a recipe book that includes recipes for making various types of gluten-free bread with a guarantee of success.

If you are celiac, this machine will undoubtedly be your best investment.

What should I consider when buying a bread making machine?

Of course, you can just buy the cheapest one on the market. Anyway, we know that you are a demanding buyer and there are certain factors that we believe you should consider in order to make the best choice:

Capacity: in general, most of them commonly make from 1lb to 2.5 lbs loaves, or even 3. 3 lbs is perfect for a large family, although if this is not your case you should take into account that homemade bread made remains fresh for longer time than bread sold in most establishments, so having left over bread is not a big problem either.

Programs and uses: the different programs will help you make different types of bread. As for the use, some bread making machines are only useful for making bread. On the other hand, some models are more versatile and also serve to make various types of dough, compotes, jams or baguettes. Some of them also have a heat keeping function. Depending on the use you want to give to your machine, you will be interested in choosing one model or another.

Fruit/nut/raisin/herb dispenser and yeast dispenser: not essential, but very useful so that you do not have to be waiting to add these ingredients at just the right moment.

Timer: not essential either, although having bread ready when you get home sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Cleaning: it is not an issue that should concern you since its cleaning is simple. A bread making machine consists of the main bucket (all of them are non-stick) and the removable mixing blades at the bottom. A damp cloth or a little water and liquid soap will be enough to make the interior look perfect.

Price: we are talking about a relatively cheap appliance, and its price usually ranges from $50 to more than $300. Taking into account that you will have daily homemade bread, 100% natural and to taste, don’t you think it is worth it?

Which one do I need?

Since we know the very wide offer of such machines may be rather puzzling, here you are a comparison with the best rated ones in the market so you can decide which one suits you the most, taking into account the quality/price ratio.

Best five!

Hamilton beach Digital bread maker

Let’s start by saying this is a very good bread making machine and its price is really affordable. So, if you do not want to spend too much on a bread machine of if it is your first one, no doubt it is a perfect option.

Thanks to its 12 settings, you will be able to prepare several kinds of bread; besides, one of the settings is specifically designed to make gluten-free bread, which makes it ideal for those with the celiac disease or that must follow a gluten free diet. Of course, it is also perfect if you care about nutrition, since you will get 100% natural, preservative-free loaves of bread.

With the Hamilton Beach Digital Bread Maker you will get delicious bread, perfectly baked and, what is more, in a short period of time. Apart from bread, it will help you prepare dough and jam. The process is short and, on top of that, the machine is small, compact (you can fit it almost anywhere), it has non-slip feet and is rather quiet.

Incredibly easy to use, you just have to follow three steps: add the ingredients, select the cycle and start. That’s it.
Due to its capacity (up to 2 lbs), it’s perfect for small families of 2-4 members, although if yours is a large one this machine is not for you.

Something we especially like about it is the fact that you can choose many options to adapt the final result to your taste, from the size of the loaf to the crust. You can also add fruits or nuts during the process, and adapt the recipes as you like it, using different ingredients. Dare to explore its possibilities. We are sure you will be surprised by this machine and the excellent final result.
These are its main features:

• It has 12 different settings, to make several kinds of bread and other preparations to your taste: french, quick bread (without yeast), sweet, 1.5 lb express, 2 lb express, dough, jam, cake, whole grain bread…
• A special gluten-free setting.
• Audible reminder for adding fruits and nuts.
• You can choose the loaf size as you wish, 1.5lb or 2lbs.
• You can select the crust settings to have it just the way you like it: light, medium or dark crust.
• Easy to use, and with a large digital display in order to select cycle, crust and loaf size.
• It includes a Delay timer, very useful if you want to begin the baking process later.
• Easy to clean, since the pan is removable and dishwasher safe.
• It includes 2 kneading paddles so that you can use one of them while the other one is in the dishwasher.
• The product manual contains a very complete and practical guide on how to use this machine and its settings.


  • Easy to use, large digital display
  • 12 different settings (including dough and jam)
  • Gluten-free setting
  • 2 lbs loaf (2 different sizes)
  • 3 crust colors
  • Audible reminder for adding fruits and nuts
  • Delay timer
  • Quiet and compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for very large families


Cuisinart CBK-110P1 bread maker

There are many things we love about this bread making machine. First of all, we are talking about quality technology, which turns into great results. With this machine, you can make, without any effort, delicious homemade bread completely at your taste.

Being compact and thanks to its vertical pan, its design is very useful to fit on any counter.

As for its capacity, it can bake up to a 2 lbs loaf, which is a large capacity, although not enough if your family is very large. Anyway, if yours has a normal size (2-3 people), it is definitely enough.

It has 12 different pre-programmed menu options and is fully automatic, so it is perfect even if this is your first bread maker and you are looking for an easy to use machine. Apart from different kinds of bread (diet, rye bread, bread with bran…), it can prepare dough for pizza, dumplings, pies… or even bake cakes. It’s up to you to discover all its possibilities.

One of the things we love about it is that it provides superior crust, color and texture, being this something that we all appreciate. In fact, it has 3 different crust shades for you to decide which one you prefer. Its lid with viewing window is very practical to control the process at any time.

If you want to wake up and have fresh bread every morning, its 13-hour delay start is the option you were looking for.
Apart from all this, it is easy to clean thanks to its removable pan and kneading paddle, something that we all appreciate.

These are its main features:

• It is fully automatic and really easy to use.
• It makes bread, pasta dough and it bakes cakes.
• You can bake up to a 2 lb loaf, enough for a normal average family.
• 12 preprogrammed menu options to get delicious bread and completely at your taste.
• It includes a jam option.
• You can choose among 3 different crust shades: light, medium, or dark.
• When the process comes to an end, this machine beeps 10 times to let you know it.
• It includes an automatic yeast dispenser and dispenser for nuts or raisins, which means you do not have to interrupt the operation to add ingredients. It also has an audible reminder for adding mix-ins.
• Its vertical baking pan, together with its compact design, make it a counter-friendly compact design.
• Its lid has a viewing window so that you can monitor the whole process; besides, it has an interior light to check bread as it bakes.
• The start can be postponed for 13 hours thanks to its 13-hour delay start so that you get fresh bread any time. Just load the ingredients, select this option and let this bread maker work magic.
• It has a 60-minute “keep warm” feature so that bread keeps warm after the baking is done.
• Its recipes include a great variety of preparations, from gluten-free bread or artisan bread to sauces or jam.
• It is very easy to clean thanks to its removable kneading paddle and the non-stick pan.

So, as you can see, the Cuisinart CBK-110P1 Bread Maker has really impressive features. This, together with the excellent final results and the easy use make it the best mid-range bread machine that you can get.


• Easy to use, viewing window and interior light
• 12 preprogrammed menu options (including pizza dough or jam)
• Good loaf size (2 lbs)
• 3 crust colors
• Add ingredients signal
• 13-hour delay timer
• 60-minute “keep warm” feature
• Vertical pan, compact design
• Easy to clean
• Affordable price

• Not suitable for very large families


Sunbeam programmable bread maker

Versatile and programmable machine by Sunbeam that will help you make bakery-style artisan bread, at home and without any effort.

What is so special about it? The perfect mixture between its great features and its amazing price. It is a very good option if you are looking for a solid value within your budget.

Its capacity is perfect for an average family, since it bakes up to a 2 lb loaf of bread. This is an average capacity; if yours is a very large family, you will have to consider buying other models.

Its 12 cooking functions help you bake a wide variety of breads, from whole-wheat sandwich to cinnamon raisin bread… it’s up to you to discover its infinite possibilities. Besides, you can get all this in less than an hour thanks to the ExpressBake cycle.

This model does not include a gluten-free setting, which is only relevant if you are gluten intolerant or suffer from celiac disease. On the contrary, if you are interested in nutrition and need a machine to make 100% natural bread, this one is made for you.

On the other hand, we must say that maybe the result is not perfect when mixing dough. Although it gets sufficiently mixed, you may sometimes find a bit of unincorporated flour on the sides of the loaf. This does not affect much the final quality of the product, which is nice, but we think it is worth mentioning. Anyway, the generall result is rather good.

It includes a large LCD display that makes it very easy to navigate the settings and a large glass viewing window for you to control the whole baking process. Maybe it is not the easiest machine to use, but it is relatively easy to operate.

Apart from this, is has programmable timer that allows you to delay the bake time by up to 13 hours. With this function, you can get freshly baked bread any time. Tempting, isn’t it?

These are its main features:
• It has a good capacity (quite enough for an average family), since it bakes up to a 2 lb loaf.
• Its 12 different baking functions make it a versatile machine, able to do many different preparations: basic, French, whole-wheat, quick, sweet, express bake 1.5 lb, express bake 2 lbs, dough, jam, cake, sandwich, and bake.
• It includes an Express Bake cycle to get delicious bread in less than one hour.
• The start can be postponed for 13 hours thanks to its 13-hour delay start so that you get fresh bread any time. You just have to load the ingredients and forget about it.
• Large LED display and large glass viewing window so that you can easily use your bread maker and control the process at any moment.
• Easy to clean thanks to a non-stick, removable baking pan.
• Apart from all this, it includes a very useful instruction book with practical and varied recipes. Even if this is your first bread making machine, you will have no problem.

Delicious, warm, freshly baked bread, fast and easy. This is all you get with this machine. Maybe it is not the best one that you can buy, but it is a great budget option that will not disappoint you, especially if we take account the price-quality ratio.

• Relatively easy to use
• Large LED display, large viewing window
• 12 different baking functions
• Express bake cycle
• Good loaf size (up to 2 lbs)
• 13-hour delay timer
• Easy to clean
• Very affordable price
• Not suitable for large families
• No gluten-free setting
• No “keep warm” feature


KBS PRO Stanless Steel bread machine

With a different, stylish design, this stainless steel model has a lot to offer thanks to its advanced features.

First al all, it has a 2 lbs capacity, which is quite a lot (although not enough if yours is a very large family). One of the things we like about it is that you can select the capacity according to your needs: 1, 1.5 and 2.2 lbs. We must also mention that it is not as compact as other models, so you will need some space to fit it.

It has 17 customized automatic programs to prepare whole-wheat, quick bread, gluten-free, etc. Apart from bread, it can also make pizza dough, delicious jam or even yogurt. And all of that 100% natural, without preservatives or artificial colorings.Everything it makes is healthier. Also, it has a Quick bread option that we think is really useful.
So, The KBS Pro Bread Machine is absolutely versatile. You can select light, medium or dark crust, as you please. Besides, it includes a detachable fruit and nut dispenser that releases these ingredients automatically at the right time, so you do not have to worry about it.

Is has a 15-hour Delay Timer that will deliver your bread ready at any time. Imagine getting up and having your fresh, delicious homemade bread waiting for you at table… It sounds nice, right?

It also has a 1-hour automatic Keep Warm function and 15-minute Power Interruption Recovery System. As you can see, this model has a lot offer.

If you are not yet convinced that this model has everything you need in a bread making machine, you will be surprised to know that its Patented non-stick Ceramic Pan is designed to prepare healthy bread without any chemicals.

If you have never used a bread machine before, this one includes 300 different recipes, all of them optimized for this model, so you just have to choose the recipe, relax and let it do all the work for you. If you are already a bread maker, the The KBS Pro Bread Machine will take you to the next level.

These are its main features:
• You can select the loaf size from 1, 1.5 and 2.2 lbs so that it adapts to your family size and your requirements.
• You can select 3 different crust colors: light, medium or dark.
• It also has 17 programs to choose from: multigrain, sugar-free, french, quick bread, whole-wheat, sweet bread, gluten-free… but also jam, yogurt and other interesting options.
• It includes a detachable fruit nut dispenser that automatically releases the ingredients at the right time.
• Its Patented non-stick Ceramic Pan is designed to make healthy bread without chemicals, which is very useful if you care about nutrition and health.
• Its intuitive Digital Touch Panel Control is very easy to use.
• It includes a 15-hour Delay Timer so that your loaf of bread is ready exactly when you wish.
• It also includes a 1-hour automatic Warm-Keeping Function.
• It has a 15-minute Power Interruption Recovery system.
• High quality materials and modern design, with stainless steel and tempered glass cover.

Simple but efficient and reliable at the same time, this model is a very good option if you are a demanding buyer and want the best for your home. Although it is not as cheap as other models, it is still affordable and a great deal considering its advanced features.

• Good loaf size (2 lbs)
• Gluten-free program
• 17 customized automatic programs
• 3 crust colors
• 3 loaf sizes
• Fruit and nut dispenser
• Large viewing window
• 15 hour delay timer
• 1-hour “keep warm” function
• Stainless steel design
• Patented non-stick Ceramic Pan
• Not very compact


Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA Home Virtuoso Bakery Plus breadmaker

This model in quite new if compared to the previous ones; it was released in 2018 and it is already replacing the old model. As with other Zojirushi products, it is light-years ahead of its competitors. After reviewing so many bread machines, we can assure you that no other is up to it. So, if you are looking for quality and durability, this bread maker is made for you.

It delivers a 2 lbs loaf, which works well for an average family of 2-4 people. Is has different settings to prepare delicious, healthy bread: whole wheat, multigrain, salt free, sugar free, rapid whole wheat, and vegan. You can also add nuts, seeds or raisins to get a final product completely at your taste and 100% natural.

If you suffer from celiac disease or are gluten intolerant, this is your machine. It has a specific program so that you can completely forget about this problem. Your gluten-free bread will be much tastier and healthier than the one you may find in a supermarket. If you are following a special diet, its healthy programs will make it easy for you to avoid any kind of unwanted ingredients. With the vegan program, for instance, you can use unsweetened almond milk instead of milk, or olive oil instead of butter; each program is especially designed to get perfect results no matter what kind of flour or optional ingredientes you use.

We love many things about this machine, and one of them is the fact that they have taken people with dietary needs into account.
Apart from bread, you can prepare a great variety of foods with this model. Do you love pizza? With the Zojirushi BB-PDC20BA breadmaker you can make versatile dough, cakes or even jam. And all of it without preservatives or food colorings.

nd if you want to move beyond bread and cakes, you can explore the possibilities of the Homemade course with the Programmable Homemade memory settings. Just select the knead, rise and bake times and discover a whole new world of homemade dishes.

Of course, you can also control the crust color: light, medium or dark.

Its dual heaters on the bottom and lid, together with its double kneading blades, ensure an optimum result, even baking and perfect browning. If you want to control the whole process, the large viewing window lets you supervise the kneading, rising and baking of your loaf of bread.

No time to wait for the machine to finish the whole process? This model incorporates a Rapid Setting to have bread ready in 2 hours and 25 minutes (normal programs in most machines take much longer).

On top of that, it is very simple to use thanks to its large LCD display and a key code on the lid that makes everything simple. Just select the option, relax and wait for the Zojirushi bread maker to do the work for you.

Its non-stick baking pan and kneading blades make it easy to clean and to remove bread once the process is finished.
The only thing that we miss is that it does not have an automatic fruit and nut dispenser. This is not a huge problem, you will have to add them yourself when hearing the acoustic sound. As simple as that.

Do not worry if you have not used a bread making machine before. This one includes a complete recipe book to ensure success no matter what you decide to prepare. It includes many recipes, such as Cinnamon roll bread, Mini white bread, Meatloaf miracle, Homemade pasta or Gluten-free dinner bread. What else can we say? We adore this machine!

These are its main features:
• Its has 15 pre-programmed Menu settings, including Multigrain, White, Whole wheat, European, Rapid whole wheat, Gluten free, Salt free, Sugar free, Rapid White, Dough Sourdough starter, Cake, Jam, Vegan and Homemade.
• Its double Kneading Blades always make it deliver excellent bread.
• To achieve even baking and browning, it includes Dual heaters on the bottom and on the lid of the bread making machine. With this model and all its features, the result is always perfect.
• Its Rapid setting delivers a loaf of bread in just 2 hours and 25 minutes, which is faster than most normal programs in all machines.
• You can select 3 crust colors: light, medium or dark.
• Easy to use thanks to its large, easy-to-read LCD display.
• A very practical key code placed on the lid makes course selection a very simple and fast task.
• It includes 3 Homemade memory settings to prepare different home dishes. With them, you can customize the knead, rise and bake times.
• Its 13-hour Delay timer will have your fresh made bread at any time.
• It includes an instruction manual and a very complete recipe book with much more than bread recipes. We are sure it will surprise you.
• The recessed handle located at the back allows easy transportation and storage.
• It includes a Liquid measuring cup, Nested measuring cups and a Measuring spoon
• It is made of high quality materials, with stainless steel design.

To sum up, we are in front of a complete, versatile, easy to use and excellent machine that with last for years. As you can see, everything has been taken into account when designing this model. The only negative thing we can tell you about it is that its price is a bit high and not suitable for all budgets. However, it makes up for its great quality and final results.

Definitely, one of the best investments you can make in your kitchen if you really care about quality and health.

• Good loaf size (2 lbs)
• Gluten-free program, Healthy options
• Several programs
• 3 crust colors
• Rapid setting
• Large viewing window
• 13-hour delay timer
• Programmable Homemade memory setting
• Double kneading blades
• Dual heaters
• Even baking, perfect browning
• Large LCD display and Key code for easy selection
• Non-stick baking pan and kneading blades
• Easy to clean
• Recessed handle
• Stainless steel design
• Very complete recipe book
• No fruit and nut automatic dispenser
• Price


Best bread makers 2021 – Comparison chart

ModelLoaf sizes (lbs)Kneading bladesProgramsCrust settingsAutomatic fruit
nut dispenser

Hamilton beach digital bread maker
1.5 or 21123noSee on Amazon

CUISINART CBK-110P1 bread maker
21123yesSee on Amazon

Sunbeam programable bread maker
1.5 or 2112nonoSee on Amazon

1, 1.5 or 21173yesSee on Amazon

22153noSee on Amazon
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