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AmazonBasics 2 Pound Non-Stick Bread Making Machine, White


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AmazonBasics 2 Pound Non-Stick Bread Making Machine, White
  • 550 watt non-stick bread making machine with up to a 2 pound loaf capacity
  • Automatically mixes, kneads, rises, and bakes fresh bread
  • ExpressBake setting bakes bread in less than 90 minutes
  • 14 settings for making breads, doughs, gluten-free options, jams, and more
  • 3 crust color options in light, medium, and dark
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Some people may bemoan the lack of a bread machine because they think it's not as good as others. I remember when I was a kid and my mom would throw a baby dough or zucchini in the oven and tell her I would never use it. I didn't know what she said, but I was so proud of myself for not using one. I knew I would never make one myself. What about the best bread machine? I can't say that I've learned anything from the best bread machines, but I do know that I've learned something. I learned that you don't want to use a bread machine for the home baking process. You want something that is made to a high quality, easy to use.


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