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Baulia Custom loaf Automatic Bread Maker Machine - 17 Programmable Bread Types Settings


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Baulia Custom loaf Automatic Bread Maker Machine - 17 Programmable Bread Types Settings
  • CREATE HEALTHY FRESHLY BAKED BREAD AT THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: Baking bread can seem like a daunting task to most people. With the automatic bread making machine you just add the ingredients and the machine does the rest for you!
  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR THE BEST TEXTURE AND TASTE: With the most modern heating elements inside this machine, your bread will cook to perfection. Soft and chewy on the outside and a nice crispy, crust on the outside
  • LCD SCREEN WITH EASY TO USE BUTTONS IS EXTREMELY INTUITIVE - EASY TO USE:This bread baker allows you to choose from a huge range of 17 BAKING FUNCTIONS: Basic, French, Whole Grain, 1.5lb Express, Express, Quick Bread, Sweet, Dough, Cake, Jam, Rise, Bake, Artisan
  • MAKES PERFECT QUANTITIES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY OR PARTY: The metal basket insert can fit a large amount of dough and bakes up to a 2-pound loaf. Slice and freeze for later, or let the whole family dig in to the freshly baked bread.
  • BAKERY TASTE: This 15 automatic bread maker machine will give you the benefits of baking and serving rich tasty freshly made bread to your family and save on costs that is involved with ordering from outside bakeries or food stores
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I'm a huge fan of bread machine vs. microwave. I used to love to cook my way through my favorite foods and have been there for about 1-2 years now. I love the convenience of using my microwave to make everything, and I'm a huge fan of making homemade breads on the go. I like to make my breads pre-cooked as if I are doing it in a microwave. I usually do this for working out once in a while, but if I really want to make a good bread at home, I would definitely make it in a pre-cooked oven. I always try to make breads in a pre-cooked oven, but usually they don't go up very well in my oven. I would like to make them in a baking pan, but I can't.


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